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sergeant doyle from 28 weeks later

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Name:Sergeant Rick Doyle || 28 Weeks Later
Birthdate:Jan 5


"Be my shadow; that's it."

Sergeant Rick Doyle

Canon: 28 Weeks Later
Status: Uninfected;; Deceased
Weapon of choice: M4A1 Carbine, M21 SWS
Age: 36 (2003)
Game: [community profile] luceti

Height: 5' 10"
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel

Sergeant Doyle was a Delta Force Sniper in the US Army. He's a wise-creaking, street-smart man, as well as a well-trained marksman and an expert of hand-to-hand combat. After a viral outbreak practically wiped out London in 2003, NATO assigned him and his Delta team to help in the rebuilding process. Unfortunately, the Rage Virus resurfaced and caused yet another epidemic—with him and a small group of survivors caught in the middle.

The name 'Rick' is simply a headcanon name offered for him, as his first name is a mystery in canon; a good majority of his background is likely to be headcanon as well, prior to and during the first 28 Days. More information is provided on his character information entry.
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